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Intel and Dell have a close business association, highlighted by Intel's logo appearing on Dell's devices. Dell had the problem that each online and print ad had to be manually checked to see if the right Intel logo is displayed with the right Dell device and if the description next to that device also has the right text for the Intel icon.


Dell save their print graphics and online ads in an excel sheet. They were looking for an AI Solution that could speed up the process of checking the Intel logos against the Dell devices and thus reduce human error. This product has been requested during my time at Jaggu, an AI startup.


My task was to work on UX and UI for a software which made it easy for the user to upload the excel file and see if any issues appear for each Intel and Dell image and text combination.

UI Kit

I created a UI Kit with Jaggu’s brand colours for previous projects. This project for Dell used that UI Kit as a basis to ensure consistency with other Jaggu Software.

The Process


The platform has a very simple goal, which allows for a very straightforward approach.

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