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3D VR Floorplan application

3D/VR Property Simulation


Scribe is a fully interactive virtual 3D model of a property. The user can draw a floorplan which allows them to walk through the property in VR, place furniture and change the walls by adding paint or wallpaper.


The Scribe software already had been redesigned. However, new features were added and the goal of the application changed, so another review and redesign was required.

The Process

New Challenge

This project was very different to others I have worked on. This app doesn’t have different pages the user can navigate through, there are the viewing options “Walk” and “Aerial View” but that’s the closest to navigation. However, after a few minutes using the original version, I quickly understood how it could be improved and realised it was more like a game than the typical app.

Visual Designs


We found out that the main device used for Scribe are tablets. So I moved the toolbar to the bottom of the screen. This way, it allowed for easier access with the thumbs when holding the tablet, without covering the screen with one's hand. Below you can find additional enhancements.

3D/VR Property Simulations


Working on this project allowed me to think outside my comfort zone of 2D designs. The user must be able to change anything in their property from whatever angle and mode they were looking at it. It was a great project to work on since finding a solution that works for both 2D floorplans as well as 3D property models was challenging and something I haven't done before. I learned how important it is to communicate with developers how touch areas should behave and that many more aspects need to be considered when designing in 3D.

Working with Lisi is always a pleasure. She comes up with well-researched, coherent designs, and quickly too! She thinks through the full process and puts in any extra effort needed to get the job done.
Her designs for our 3D product were spot on - it looks fresh and crisp and the UX really works. Would gladly work with her again!
- Meredith Papanicolaou, Project Manager at Apex Mobiletech