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Collaborate Search

Collaborate Search


Collaborate Search's mission was to connect independant recruiters under a big umbrella name. This way they could have the benefits of freelancing and keeping their commission while having a big brand to back them - the best of both worlds.

One of the big benefits amongst others was to provide a platform where recruiters can work remotely.

The problem

I was tasked with the design of this project end of 2019. As we know now, it wasn't the best time to start the project, because the pandemic allowed recruiters to work from home anyway. Many other benefits that should make Collaborate Search stand out were dealt wtih by existing brands.

Current situation

Even though the project never finished, I want to show you the UI that I designed for Collaborate Search back then.

Collaborate Search Error PageCollaborate Search dashboard, profile and sign up pages
Collaborate Search Error PageCollaborate Search courses, profile, dashboard and jobs list
Collaborate Search Error PageCollaborate Search Error page