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Swizle makes managing meetups with friends easier. The Swizle app allows their users to see when their friends are available. This way, users can easily make last minute plans with their friends without having to call every single one to check if they're free on that day.

Luca, the brain behind Swizle, had already contracted a designer to create a logo and the app. He said how he liked the branding but wasn't really happy with the design for the app itself and asked me for advice. His goals were to make it easy for users to navigate through the app and to make the app visually more appealing.

The Process

Sketches & Sitemap

On looking at the original version, I noticed some loopholes in the sitemap, for example, the user couldn’t return to the previous screen once he selected a friend’s profile. I created some rough sketches of improved versions of the screen and created userflows to ensure the user can easily navigate through the app in the redesigned version.


Initial Testing

I created a wireframe prototype out of the sketches and tested it on Luca’s friends. Some design decisions have been approved by the testing but we also came across other areas that needed improvement. Based on the feedback, we tweaked some of the screens and tested the new prototype.

The second round showed better results and we kept tweaking and testing until we were happy for an MVP version that was good to go into development.

Visual Designs

I had a look at the original app version and took note of all current UX issues to ensure that they will not exist in the redesign. You can see some of the before/after screens below.

Swizle before & after
Elisabeth has been amazing throughout the journey of developing the Swizle app. The app looks exactly as I hoped it would.
She was always open-minded and able to overcome any challenge with solid solutions. Personally, I feel very lucky that I have the opportunity to work with her.
- Luca Lanzalote, Founder of Swizle