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BEES Website

BEES Website

About BEES

BEES is a startup that has helped many shop owners across America, China and Europe. They provide an easy solution for small corner shop owners to manage their inventory via the BEES app which allows them to order, invoice and get offers all in one place.

About the project

I was the sole UX Designer on this project and collaborated with a UI Designer and Content Strategist. We were guided by a Head of Interface and a Creative Director.

I was hired by JKR as a freelancer on this project. You can find BEES current website on

The Goal

BEES already had a one pager MVP website with the main information about what they do. With this second iteration of the website, they were aiming to generate more leads and give more information about what they do and how they do it.

The Target Audience

BEES already has quite a few websites for the local markets. The audience for this project are people who are interested in BEES as a company, may it be potential employees or investors, but the main audience were potential business partners.

BEES Sitemap

When I joined the project, the content strategist has already worked on the sitemap, personas and goals of each page.

The BEES Sitemap

The BEES sitemap


There were already a few iterations of the different pages from a previous designer. I've reviewed them and - based on the input from the content strategist - updated and rearranged the wires.


Products & Services wireframes in Figma

Iterations and alternatives

In the wireframe stage, I presented different options for some modules to discuss the benefits and disadvantages, so we can make a decision as a team, to discuss which option presents the content the best possible way.

Module alternatives

Module Alternatives


It was important to ensure that the BEES global website could compete with well known companies on a global scale. Since BEES is on a B2B level (which is also one of the reasons the name BEES was used) it might not be as known to the average person as Google and Facebook - some of the benchmarks used for this website - but it should leave the same impression those sites have.

The BEES Sitemap

Homepage wireframe next to screenshots of other global websites in Figma

Client Presentations

During the course of this project, there were several meetings where the work was presented to other people in the team, including the Head of Interface, Account Manager and Creative Director, to ensure we all align before presenting the work to the client.

Once aligned, the presentation was started by the Account Manager to introduce the timeline and topics to be discussed before I'd present the UX part of the project to the client and other stake holders who were based in New York.

UI Design

BEES already had an MVP website, so the basic elements were already in place and some components could be reused.

At this stage of the project, I collaborated with the designer who worked on the MVP UI, to ensure everything on website 2.0 will be in line and consistent with the brand.

BEES Newsroom Page

Newsroom Page

BEES Article Page

Newsroom Article Page

Screenshot of our collaboration in Figma

Screenshot of our collaboration in Figma

Component Library

Once the client reviewed the designs, we worked together to put the approved elements into a Figma component library, so everything will be in place for developer handoff.

We made a list of all the elements that needed to be added and marked them with an emoji to split them between us. Once we added the elements to the library, we'd mark them with a checkmark.

BEES Collaboration

BEES UI Elements in Figma

UI Elements

As in every design library, we showed different states of the UI elements.

BEES UI component fields

Field Section of the UI Components in Figma

BEES Responsive Homepage UI

BEES Responsive Homepage Design


I was very lucky to work with such an amazing team at JKR. I have learnt a lot from their design team and content strategist. It was great to work with an agency that ensures that the brand is represented in every aspect of the website.

This project was the first one in a while where I wasn't the sole designer, so I really enjoyed working with the team and the client.

Current Status

The new BEES website has launched recently. You can find the live page on