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Pillo Pharmacy App


About Pillo

Pillo is an online pharmacy that pre-packs the patient's medication for them, so they no longer have to sit in front of a Monday to Sunday container and sort their own pills. This way, Pillo manages to eliminate human error and makes it easier for the patients to take the right amount of medication at the right time.

Patients can simply request their medication via the app. Pillo then checks with their GP if everything is correct and sends it directly to the patients' door step.

The Challenge

Since this was a green field project, there was no existing target audience, just an idea of who the Pillo founders wanted to help with their app. I created basic personas based on the founder's input and best guesses to guide us when making design decisions.

Target Audience

The Pillo Team wants to improve as many patients' lives as possible. Their target audience are patients that are on a repeat prescription or carers. Since this is a green field project, I created basic personas based on the target audience the Pillo founders wanted to target. This should guide us to keep in mind the different abilities these target users have. Especially elderly patients might be less mobile phone savvy compared to the younger generation.

Feature Selection

Despite it being the first mobile app project for the Pillo founders, they knew exactly what they wanted to achieve with the app. Together we discussed what features to include for MVP and which ones were only nice to have.

We wanted to include following features for MVP:

  • Sign up process
  • List of medications to take with reminders
  • Visual cues when the medication was missed
  • Calendar overview of missed/taken medication
  • Order medication journey
  • View sent orders and option to reorder
  • User Flow

    I fleshed out all the features and their requirements and created user flows. What you see below is the dashboard section, one of many flows of the app.

    Pillo Flows and Journeys


    Once the Pillo founders were happy with the user journeys and flows, I designed the wireframes. You can find some examples below.

    Pillo Wireframes

    User Interface

    While I was working on the user flows and wireframes, Samantha Jones was working on the branding for Pillo. She created the logo and icons and picked the font and colour palette which reflect the Pillo brand really well.

    Based on Samantha's brand guidelines, I applied the colours and style of the Pillo brand to the existing wireframes.

    Pillo Wireframes


    While working on this project, I enhanced my skills in designing user journeys and flows. Until now, I've worked on enhancing ordering and payment processes, but never had to design them from scratch. Being able to start on a blank canvas was challenging but also very rewarding.

    Current Status

    Pillo is currently in development. I will add the link to the website and app on this page once it goes live.